GLF Turbine is a manufacturer Company for hot parts gas turbine such as combustion chambers (C&L), transition pieces (TP) and nozzles.

GLF’s plant was born in the beginning of the '80s under the ownership of Nuovo Pignone and, for this reason, the shop took the name "Nuovo Pignone Porto Recanati". Thanks to the thirty-year experience of its plant, here has been started the production of components for Nuovo Pignone (PGT2, PGT5 , PGT10, PGT16, PGT21 and PGT25) and for GE (MS3002, MS5001 and MS5002) turbines.

At the beginning of the ‘90s, the production has doubled and increased so much that the plant was acquired by GE Oil & Gas Group and became the official production site for C&L and TP related to the turbines MS3002, MS5001 and MS5002 both for New Units and for Service business.

In the same period GE Belfort appointed NP Porto Recanati with the production of C&L and TP for the machines MS6001B and MS9001E/EA.

From 2002 to 2017, under the new property of “GI&E Spa”, the production site has consolidated the manufacturing of "historical" products and introduced latest generation components such as: DLN-Technology (Frame 5 DLN, Frame 6 DLN, Frame 7 DLN, Frame 9 DLN), F-Technology (MS5002E, MS6001FA +, MS7001FA) as well as components for other turbines (Westinghouse 501F, GT10B, various Siemens turbines).

As of today, more than 30.000 C&L and over 30.000 TP have been produced in this plant and the know-how, the expertise and the quality now bear the name of GLF Turbine.

Via Scossicci, 51
62017 Porto Recanati (MC)

P.IVA : 01964960437


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  • Phone: +39 071.97491
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